Make Good Art


When you find yourself in a position where creativity seems blocked, and you can’t make progress on a project you’re are working on, watch this video for some inspiration to get yourself out of the rut!

May Blogging Challenge


I’ve been talking about it for a while now. Consistent blogging. Setting up a blog schedule/calendar. Pushing out consistent posts with relevant content. It’s time I just do it! With the help of the May 2013 Blogging Challenge from The Blog Designer Network, I’ll be following through with my word. Who doesn’t love a good challenge?Continue Reading …

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! My advice: Don’t go too crazy on the candy and chocolate! It’ll probably just give you a stomach ache. Last night I attended an online class organized by Alt Design Summit on their Alt Channel (only $15 per class!!). The class was Using an Editorial Calendar to GrowContinue Reading …

Interactive World Map


Happy 2013! It is a new year, and I have been pondering some of the goals I would like to make for myself and for my business! If you are setting goals/resolutions, let me know about them. I’d love to support you in any way that I can. One of the short-term goals I wantedContinue Reading …

Enjoy the Ride

When I was one month pregnant with my third child, I injured my knee playing volleyball. At an exam with the orthopedic surgeon within a few days after my injury, I was told I had likely torn my ACL and meniscus. It was painful, and I was extremely disappointed to know that I would haveContinue Reading …